2019: What's In Store for Social Media?

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It’s been an interesting and challenging year for social media marketing.

From the Cambridge Analytica scandal to the panic caused by ‘Facebook Zero’, marketers have had to consistently change their social media strategy in 2018 to stay ahead of the game.

But the question on every marketer’s lips this time of year is – what should we expect in 2019? Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 social media trends expected for the new year.

Augmented Reality

Although Virtual Reality didn’t live up to its expectations, Augmented Reality has certainly had an impact on social media marketing, from Snapchat’s Lenses to Facebook’s AR filters.

It’s an opportunity for brands to communicate with their targeted audience in an innovated way. With brands such as Ikea and Apple already implementing AR, 2019 will likely be the year this really takes off.

Social Media Privacy

According to Ponemon Institute, trust in Facebook alone is down by 66% in 2018 and Falcon has also revealed that 60% of respondents no longer trust social media companies.

This comes as no surprise due to the social media giant’s security issues it’s experienced over the past year, with many users boycotting Facebook altogether. Brands will need to gain its communities trust back but will need to be careful how this is achieved especially with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation introduced this year.

Social eCommerce

With functionalities such as Facebook’s Product Catalog and Instagram’s Shoppable Tags for both posts and Stories, it’s no doubt that more options will be introduced for product-based brands, especially since 1 in 4 people have now purchased a product or service through social media (Falcon). It’s important that brands stay ahead of the game and use these functionalities to increase both brand awareness and drive profit.

Vertical Video

More users are now consuming content through mobile devices rather than on a desktop – over 60% of all online video views now take place on mobile (discovered by Falcon). Naturally, video content will result in being optimised for mobile devices, therefore suggesting that social media platforms will introduce more vertical video options in 2019.


Much like Augmented Reality, this has been an occurring topic over the past few years but has only seen an uptake mainly in the past year. Chatbots are becoming more and more ‘human’, and customers are more likely to speak to a bot rather than a human being in the future (indicated by Gartner’s recent statistic – 85% of customer interactions will be managed by chatbots by 2020).

However, brands will need to put the customer first and ensure that the bot is intuitive enough to understand the customer’s request, as this may result in frustration if it’s unable to translate.

These are just some of the predictions for the new year, and we’ve no doubt that there will be some surprises along the way which we’ll need to act fast and adapt to.

We’re ready for 2019, are you?

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Kelly Bean

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