7 Social Media Marketing Tips to Keep You on Track


Put simply, social media is our bread and butter. We love writing, designing, producing and advertising – but we know not everyone is ready to partner with an agency (particularly when you're still growing your followers). Whether you're part of a small business or freelancing, some simple rules can really help you get the most out of your page. Check out our tips below. We'll have your followers smitten in no time.

1. Start where your customers are

You may love Reddit or Buzzfeed, but this doesn’t mean that’s where your followers hang out. Do some research and find out what platform they like to hang out on and amend your content accordingly to reach them. Of course, we’d recommend Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – the ‘big three’ of social media; though that doesn’t mean you have to be on all three. Instagram and Pinterest are visual platforms, Twitter lends itself to customer service and interaction, whilst Facebook tries to act as a Jack of All Trades. Snapchat is a rising platform, though cannot be scheduled. Think about your resources and time.

It’s so much easier to get to your fans, rather than trying to bring them to you.

2. Content planning is key

A thorough strategy should be the foundation of any solid content plan. This allows you to plan your content in a way that truly reflects every part of your brand, balancing your messages and content strands. Creating a content plan also means that you can ensure nothing gets missed.

For instance, an alcohol brand will showcase their packaging, product application, serving suggestions and suppliers. However, people LOVE to see the brains behind any operation, and ingredients too, so make sure to mix your themes up and be sure to let your followers in.

This ties into our next point. Don’t share too much of the same thing. It gets boring. Allow for a great content plan that considers the type of posts, budget, and themes over a month (ideally!). It works a treat and the benefits will be great.

3. Consistency, people!

Remedied by a content plan, but worth saying – be consistent. Posting once ‘every now and then’ won’t benefit your brand. Be sure, again, to show a level of consistency. An audience loves a great brand that they can rely on.

For example, one of our favourites is I Am Well & Good. They have a beautiful Instagram and consistently post swipeable Insta stories with health tips and tricks. We’ve started to

notice these stories every Sunday, meaning that we – as fans – become more invested in the brand.

4. Engagement goes both ways

Make sure your audience is aware of your online presence. If you receive comments, positive or negative, be sure to respond as soon as possible. Social media is about being social, not shouting into the void. Followers love this, and you want them to fall in love with your brand.

Even if it’s a series of complaints from a customer, you should engage and show your ability to handle the negatives with outstanding and fair customer service… If it’s a customer who is just up for a little chat, even better! It’s a feel-good moment all around; you for doing your job well, and your follower for being recognised in a sea of online profiles.

5. Optimise the volume of posts to fit your needs

This is an ever changing facet of the biz, but an important one. If you are receiving low engagement on your profiles, a good tip is to watch how often you’re looking for it!

Sometimes you can bombard your followers’ feeds, which we all know is not ideal. Limit your posts to coincide with the engagement you’re receiving. Don’t stop posting if engagement is super low, but find a comfortable amount that you’re happy with and change this according to the results.

We would recommend 3-4 posts per week for most brands, with more reactive content on Twitter to encourage dialogue with your fans.

6. Invest in a scheduling tool

Scheduling tools are our best friends here at Sunshine! We use Sprout for Twitter & LinkedIn and Schedugram for, well… the clue is in the name on that one! These really are such handy tools. As well as scheduling they provide us with analytics and allow us to communicate with our audience quickly and easily.

7. Get those paid ads running!

Advertising really is a whole other ball game we will visit down the track. However, this should definitely be on your radar. Whether Facebook advertising is something you have never approached, it must be considered. No matter how engaging and exciting your content is, the algorithm is working against you and a paid budget can help with this. If you do it well, you can get your Cost Per Click down so far that you’re practically saving money and receiving engagement at the same time. Why create beautiful content for no one to see? As little as a few pounds behind your key content can help you out.

Let us know how this works for you, and feel free to get in touch via Twitter @Sunshinecomms. If you’re on the lookout for free tools to implement these tips – take a look here!