8 tips for using Instagram for business

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You don’t need to look much further than Instagram to see the increase in engagement between businesses and the consumer through social media in the last few years.

If your brand isn’t already on Instagram, it really should be. It’s a platform to get really creative with, and the more professional and vibrant your Instagram page is, the more likely you are to draw in customers. By making sure you post the right content, Instagram allows you a vehicle to market to your customer without “selling to them”.

We’ve helped a lot of businesses raise awareness through social media, so keep reading if you’re looking to use Instagram to drive your business forward.

Consistency is key!

As with other social media platforms, it is crucial to make sure you are posting consistently. To build an audience it is best to post out 1 post per day, rather than 5 on one day and then leaving gaps without anything being posted.


All good things come from a plan, so make sure you approach your Instagram marketing with a plan. This will allow you to make sure you are consistent and can spot the gaps where you require content for certain days.

Engage with your fans

Spark up a conversation with your fans! If they comment on your pictures, use this as an opportunity to engage with them. This can help to build up a relationship with potential customers before they have come into contact with your business.

Instagram recently introduced a new messenger functionality to the app also, so it is important to check here for any enquiries coming in. Ignoring your customers could do more harm than good!

Keep it interesting

Make sure you mix up the content you are posting out. If you are simply sharing out the same type of content every day, your audience will get bored and switch off. Although posts may not seem directly relevant to your business, if it’s an attractive and interesting post it will still be quite effective.

Use video

One great way to keep your content interesting is by using video! Short, snappy videos are a great way of communicating with your followers. A great example that we love are the short cooking demonstrations by Joe Wicks. They’re short but do everything that they need to.

The scrolling nature of Instagram means that users will not stop on your video for a long time – so try and convey your message very quickly!

Instagram Stories

When Instagram stories launched, it saw many brands shift their efforts away from Snapchat towards Instagram. This is because it is far easier for brands to build their following on Instagram than Snapchat. Instagram stories are a great way for brands to ‘pull back the curtain’, and allow users see the behind the scenes.

This in turn helps to create lasting and solid relationships with your consumer, and their sense of loyalty will ensure their return custom.


Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags in the first comment. This is a great tool for extending your reach and finding people who might be interested in your product or service. Go hashtag happy and add as many as you want! Remember to always change up the hashtags you are using and don’t get caught in the trap of using the same ones on every post.

Make use of personalised hashtags for your business, and promote people to use these to track certain events or promotions.

Have fun!

Instagram is a fun platform, so keep it light-hearted and upbeat to encourage users to share your content with their friends. By posting cheerful and inspiring content, it will help create a positive impression around your brand and will help to build following and engagement. It’s a younger demographic using Instagram than other social media platforms, and it’s important the content you share will engage with this audience.


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