Are Instagram Stories better?


If you missed it yesterday, Instagram have added a ‘stories’ feature to their app that allows users to post a photo that will expire after 24 hours. Sound familiar? That’s probably because it uses exactly the same functionality as competitor social media giant Snapchat.

So clearly, yes, Instagram did copy Snapchat – but does that really matter if they have copied them with a better version? What will this mean for the future of Snapchat? What does this new feature mean for brands on Instagram?

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It’s easy to use

Instagram Stories are far less messy and less complicated than Snapchat, and therefore may appeal to a wider audience. Older generations have stayed away from Snapchat because they found it confusing and ultimately intimidating, whereas Instagram stories appeal to the mass markets. Also, Instagram makes it much easier to search for and follow other users, whereas you need the exact username to connect with somebody on Snapchat.

Brand friendly

People use Snapchat to connect with their friends, whereas Instagram is much more of a follower platform. This feature is something that makes the platform far more brand friendly. Nike has already reported 800,000 views in 24 hours on an Instagram Story posted on Tuesday. This compares with Nike’s best video on Snapchat that only gained 66,000 views. Pretty impressive figures.

Pulling back the curtain

Instagram Stories are ultimately so exciting because they allow users to ‘behind the scenes’ peak into the lives of the people they have followed for years. Now I get to see the real, unfiltered parts of human life behind the beautifully edited Instagram photos that are usually shared. Instagram has been able to prevent itself falling into the trap of an overly edited, false world and pulled itself back down to a human level.

Instagram is bigger!

Instagram, now backed by Facebook recently announced 300 million daily users, which dwarfs Snapchat’s 150 million daily users. This is a key attraction for brands to switch over to Instagram Stories instead of Snapchat - they will simply reach more people!

Bigger isn’t always better…

Where Snapchat still has the edge over Instagram is the fun filters it allows users to add to their photos. These filters change and update daily so they keep the app fresh and exciting, whereas Instagram stories are somewhat dull without them. Just because Instagram is bigger doesn’t necessarily mean it is better, with Snapchat still capturing the attention of a younger audience this will not be forgotten by brands trying to tap into the younger market.


Does this all mean the end of Snapchat? We highly doubt that, but they will need to bring something out the bag to compete!