Beat the winter blues


Is it just me, or does it really feel like winter has arrived this month? It’s officially dark by 4pm, my hands haven’t been warm for a week and inevitably, I have the beginnings of a cold. Dreamy.

However I have decided that this year I’m not going to let the dreary winter days get me down. Promise. Here are my tips, or action plan if you will, for beating the blues this winter.

Beat The Winter Blues

Make plans in the evening.

If, like me, you regularly come home from work put on your best slob clothes and settle in with dinner and tv then it is time to think again. Making plans does require effort but being social (no, Facebook chat doesn’t count!) will make you feel loads better in the long run. Whether it is booking in for a gym class, meeting a friend for dinner or a cinema trip you’ll feel great when you get there.

Let there be light…

If you find it tough getting up in the morning then a daylight lamp can be a great way to “cheat” your body. These little wonders mimic a sunrise, making the whole experience a bit more gentle than a harsh iPhone alarm.

Aside from just daylight lamps, lighting in your home generally is important and definitely something I didn’t think too much until recently. Last month I completely finished decorating my living room (for now) which included the purchase of two new lamps. It has made a world of difference. Before my lighting was a little dull and sleepy, now it is brighter and easy to read in.

Look after yourself.

Is it just me or is it kind of easy to give up in Winter? Thick tights means leg-shaving is optional, hair gets tied up because of the wind and no sandals mean pedicures are a thing of the past. All in all it isn’t a great time for beauty and grooming. But making a little bit of effort and setting aside some time for pampering will make you look and feel better. If in doubt a Spa Day is a sure fire way to perk yourself up!


It’s a fact that exercise releases endorphins which make us feel great. In winter summoning the motivation to exercise can be tough, but it is worth it! It’s also a great way to heat up and loosen up if you’ve been sitting in a cold office or meeting room all day. I prefer to go to classes at the gym, having a set time to be there for and a fixed time works well for me (yes, I am a goal-orientated geek!). I usually do body combat or spin class, both of which have great music and positive atmosphere, I leave tired but with a real boost.

Style it up.

If you’re trotting about in a sad parka that’s left over from your uni days, crumpled Ugg boots and a rickety old umbrella you are going to feel as miserable as you look. Invest in a nice warm wool coat and a good pair of boots. Yes this means your bank balance will take a bit of a hit but it will be worth it in the long run – nothing ruins a day like wet feet and a stylish coat means you look good whatever you have thrown on underneath. Add to this a nice wintery berry shade of lipstick with a hat to protect your hair and you’re easily approaching glamorous.

So in short, that’s what I’ll be doing to beat the winter blues! How are you staying motivated this winter?

Snow Feet
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Jen Haughton

Community Manager