Brands brightening up #BlueMonday


Monday 16th January, the third Monday in January is the ‘most depressing day of the year’. By this point in the month the whole country are feeling fed up of the dark nights, cold weather and lack of money. #BlueMonday has turned out to be a massive opportunity for brands, with some really clever campaigns playing off this seemingly depressing day. Have a read of some of our favourite #BlueMonday social media campaigns.

#RedMonday – Fitness First UK

Screen Shot 2017 01 16 At 13 48 43

Fitness First UK have jumped on #BlueMonday by countering it with #RedMonday. They are opening up all of their centres for free entry to try and combat the January blues and keep people motivated.

Fitness First UK are also offering the chance to meet exciting fitness bloggers such as Bradley Simmonds and Zanna Van Dijk at their fitness clubs today. This is a great campaign showing Fitness First UK fully utilising their blogger partnerships.

Engaging content paired with excellent execution – we are a big fan of #RedMonday!

#DogsProveBlueMondayWrong – Dogs Trust

Screen Shot 2017 01 16 At 13 50 19

Dogs Trust are using happy photos of dogs to put a smile on people’s face this #BlueMonday. Using the hashtag #dogsprovebluemondaywrong Dogs Trust are kicking back at the January blues while also cleverly displaying a range of friendly dogs for rehoming.

It’s a happy and positive campaign that has been widely popular with lots of users replying with photos of their dogs this Blue Monday. Since everybody loves photos of cute dogs, naturally there’s been strong engagement on social media.

STA Travel – Blue Ticket

Screen Shot 2017 01 16 At 14 43 37

STA Travel are using #BlueMonday to run a competition for their fans. They are giving away an STA Blue Ticket which gives the winner a trip to their dream destination. STA Travel used Facebook Live to launch the competition this morning which is a great new innovative way to use social media and engage with users in a different way.

The competition allows STA Travel to gather a bank of data that it can use in the future to reach out to. When carried out well, competitions are a great way to use social media to extend reach and engage with fans.

Holidays are definitely something to be excited about and another great way to brighten up #BlueMonday!


There's not long left to January everybody so stay positive and don't let those January blues win!