Could the selfie help improve voter turnout?

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With voter turnout at an all-time low amongst young people, could a new app that allows users to cast their vote with a selfie be the answer?

The current paper ballot system has become somewhat rigid and ‘old fashioned’, and doesn’t seem to fit into the flexible nature of modern life. Smartmatic however is a new face recognition app that would allow users to cast their vote by taking a selfie. The app uses facial recognition technology to let you register for elections and cast your vote on election day. Voters could then cast their vote remotely; even from sunnier locations – yes!

We now use apps for so many different things in our lives, and voting seems to be the next reasonable step. Although Smartmatic claim the app is more secure than most online banking apps and shopping systems; the UK government argues that the paper ballot system that we currently operate under is far more secure than an electronic system. It is unlikely that we will see such technology being adopted for the upcoming general election June 8th.

We all live fairly flexible lifestyles at Sunshine Comms and all loosely fit into the ‘millennial’ label, and we think this is a great new idea. We all know someone who didn’t turn out to vote in the EU referendum not because they didn’t care, but because they were simply too busy on that day. Perhaps this app isn’t the way forward, but it is clear that technological developments need to be made to bring the voting process up to date.