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"There is still a certain stigma surrounding online dating"

From Tinder to Grindr, online dating has firmly taken the place of cupid as the number one matchmaker on the planet. There’s simply no way of avoiding it, even those who vow they will never cave to the technical and mechanical way of dating, all find themselves at one time or another (blue Mondays) scrolling through the endless (not so endless if you are me) list of attractive potential mates.

When Tinder launched onto the scene back in 2012 it was hard to see any other app moving it from the dating top spot. Its seamless user interface and innovative selection method set it leaps and bounds apart from its competitors.

It was, to many, unimaginable to conceive that another app could take its place. However, along came Bumble with its unique marketing strategy targeting women, giving them the power to make the first move and ultimately revolutionised the dating world once again.

There is still a certain stigma surrounding online dating that makes us feel we have failed if we have to resort to technology in order to make a human connection.

Dating Taboo

This is perpetuated by the idea that the only people who use online dating, are overweight 30-year olds who still live in their parent’s basement eating pop tarts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, this is no longer the case. The taboo surrounding online dating has finally lifted and last year 1 in 5 of all UK relationships started online.

Now, I’m all for meeting someone at spin class or even at a bar, but who’s got time for that, right? We live in the age of millennial’s who are too, self-proclaimed, busy to do anything let alone meeting a partner in a traditional way. They, therefore, have no choice but to bypass the mundane small talk that comes with first encounters; “Do you come here often?” “The weather’s nice?” or my personal favourite, “Is your name wifi, because I’m feeling a connection (sure fire winner) and go straight for the first date.

Our parents will say that romance is dead and ask what happened to good old-fashioned courting. But, if you ask me, they just don’t understand how romantic a well-chosen and thought out gif really can be (melts the modern heart). They may say we are shallow by only dating someone on their online appearance instead of finding out who the person is behind the outer appearance. Now, it’s hard to argue with that.

Remember, we are now in the age of technology, so don’t be afraid, download that taboo app and meet your prince charming or tinderella online… maybe just avoid the guys insisting on sending inappropriate pic after inappropriate pic.

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