Do What You Truly Love!


Take a second, think back to when you were a child and the world was full of infinite possibilities. What did you envision you would be doing with your life now? Did you dream of being an astronaut, artist, musician or maybe it was just to be rich and travel the world? Somewhere along the way we all gave up on our dreams and settled because we let people tell us it wasn’t possible. Now, I’m not saying we should charge foolishly off into the sunset as it is not often practical (I wanted to be a cowboy but, unfortunately, live in Scotland and don’t like the outdoors), however, I do strongly believe we should pursue what we love and are passionate about regardless of the naysayers or any financial constraints.

Most people are afraid to reach for their dreams because they don’t think it is possible for them. So, they settle for a mediocre job that they hate to make money for a life they didn’t want just because they believed it was more realistic for them to achieve.

I strongly believe the quickest route to mediocrity is to be realistic. Nothing innovative has ever been created by thinking realistically. It is unrealistic to think you can flick a switch and light up a room, but thankfully Thomas Edison didn’t think so. It is unrealistic to think you can get on a plane and cross the world, but thankfully the Wright brothers didn’t think so. Don’t think realistically, challenge boundaries and be creative.

You need to ignore the critics (yourself included) that say you cannot do something. People will always try for the easy route, the comfortable route, the route requiring minimal effort - it's only human nature. And with this course, you will never achieve your dreams and you will never live a truly fulfilled life. If only someone told us at the start of our life that we are dying, we may then live our lives to the limit. Every minute of every day whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows. If you want something then go after it like your life depends on it – a better life certainly does.

So I urge you all to put down your phone, stop procrastinating, work harder than ever and above all, do what you truly love!

William Corbett Photograph

William Corbett

Content Executive