Facebook Advertising - The Most Important Metric You've Never Checked


Being able to target exactly the kind of people who want to buy your product is a powerful thing.

We regularly use Facebook advertising to produce outstanding sales figures for our clients, such as producing £55,000 worth of sales from one Facebook advert, a 55,000% ROI. So quite powerful.

A lot of people know that Facebook ads are important, as the opinion among those in social that Facebook is really a pay-to-play platform nowadays has turned into hard fact.

You’ll hear people talking about the reach of their ads, or the impressions. These are good, solid metrics. Better still, people will talk about CTRs, CPAs, and CPCs. These give you the breakdown of who came to your site, and the cost of an acquisition or a click.

There’s one metric that people don’t really talk about, which could be doing irreparable damage to your brand in the eyes of the very people you want to speak to.


Why don’t people talk about frequency?

I’d hazard a guess that a lot of people don't realise it's a metric.

When it comes to Facebook ads, frequency isn’t viewable on Ad Manager’s default dashboard when you’re analysing the data. That’s simply a lack in the depth of knowledge of how the platform works.

People have been running FB ad campaigns, assume that all the info they’ve got displayed is what they need. But dig a little deeper and you'll understand a lot more.

Why is it important to look at the Frequency?

You’ve created an unbelievable ad campaign. Perfectly targeted, stunning creative, and you’ve secured a decent budget behind it. You’re all set for a profitable campaign. You click ‘Place Order’.

It runs. Traffic is coming through to the site, they’re converting and users are liking and sharing your ad at a dirt-cheap price. And then… it starts to go sour. Fewer clicks. Negative sentiment creeping into the comments. CPC and CPA starts to creep up. But why? Yup, you guessed it. Frequency.

Frequency is a very basic metric. Take your ad impressions and divide by reach. 1.00 means the average user has been served your ad once. 5 means they’ve seen it 5 times. But the data is there to show that your CPC and CTR will be massively effected in a negative way if your frequency is high.

Screen Shot 2016 09 06 At 09 42 52

Those are some damning stats. 

It's a good time to remind you that normal everyday users don’t want to see your Facebook adverts.

And they definitely don’t want to see the exact same thing, over and over and over and over and over. Look how annoying those five overs were; repetitive and unnecessary.

So you have to make sure that the content provided is feed-stoppingly brilliant.


If you've read through this and it sounds all too familiar, there are ways to improve your ad efficiency.

Sometimes, it’s a case of merely switching up the creative. It stands to reason if you’ve only got one advert in your ad set, people are only going to see the exact same ad. Bo-ring.

Not to mention banner blindness is incredibly powerful. You’ll not stop someone scrolling past your ad if they’ve seen the exact same image and copy 5 times before.

Your budget could be an issue. If you’ve got a highly targeted audience and you’re throwing £100/day at them, Facebook is going to show your content an awful lot.

You can also exclude already-converted members of your audience from seeing your ads using Custom Audiences. By showing the same content over and over to the same audience, now you’re no longer annoying a random Facebook user, but a customer!

It’s not a difficult metric to get the hang of, but it isn’t the be-all and end-all of Facebook metrics either. It does, however, have an impact on a lot of other important metrics.