Facebook is Getting Serious About Live


Marketers are extremely excited about Facebook’s announcement at their F8 event, to extend their Live Video function for all users. At the conference Mark Zuckerberg showed how it could be used via a drone, which will be continuing to stream live video throughout the conference.  Since the launching of Live Video last August, more than 670,000 videos have been created resulting in 12.6 billion views – clearly something Facebook are keen to develop.

Mark Z

Live Video is Facebook’s recent attempt to plug into a sense of intimacy that the social media platform has previously been void of. Snapchat and Twitter allow users to view live events as they happen around the world, whereas Facebook has been relegated to a backseat position. The new function will allow celebrities to answer live questions and interact with those watching the video, an entirely new way to use video.

Facebook announced yesterday that they will now be making it super easy for individuals to make their own Live Video, and connect with their friends in a new and exciting way.  This new function will users the opportunity to share personal experiences such as birthday’s, anniversaries and special moments with friends who could not be present. This is something that has real potential in dictating the success of this new feature.

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It also provides the same opportunity Snapchat has for celebrities and brands to pull back the curtain and give fans a behind the scene look to fans. This is something celebrities such as Ricky Gervais has already taken advantage of, posting a Live Video of him in the bath - which got nearly a million views! This will allow brands to connect with users in a more intimate way than previously possible.

Facebook’s defining feature is that users are able to post a Live Video for up to 90 minutes, allowing it an edge over other social media platforms where opportunity for live video is much shorter.  Facebook also announced the decision that Live Video would be placed further up timeline’s in an attempt to ensure the success of the new feature. It is likely that the function will come as a stand alone live videoing app to allow users to create their own Live Video.

No one can be sure if Live Video is something that will succeed or what it will mean for the future of video content. We are extremely excited to see the different ways users will begin to use Live Video and what it will mean for brands.