Has Logan Paul damaged influencer marketing?

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Influencer marketing has been the topic on every marketer’s lips this past year. It provides the perfect opportunity to target a specific audience by collaborating with an influencer who can build those important relationships for your brand, or so we thought.

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You may have already heard the recent firestorm with YouTube vlogger/influencer, Logan Paul (unless you’ve been living under a rock), who came under fire in the press when he filmed himself visiting Japanese forest, Aokigahara, which has now become known as ‘the suicide forest’. Logan unfortunately came across a suicide victim and very stupidly decided to film his discovery (which has now been deleted), causing a PR disaster.

This kind of behaviour comes as a surprise, considering Logan generates approximately 5 million views per video and has previously worked with brands such as Nike, Pepsi and HBO. Many have now come forward and criticised the influencer for ‘sensationalising suicide’. Since the video has been taken down, he has now apologised twice over social media and is now aiming to raise awareness of mental health.

This is the risk a brand takes when building a partnership with an influencer. Usually with no team to protect both the individual and their reputation, this can cause not only damage to the influencer’s career, but the brand’s reputation as well. So this bodes the question - has Logan damaged influencer marketing for the future?

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Influencer marketing is not lost, but brands will need to think twice about partnerships and perhaps collaborate temporarily, instead of portraying them as a brand advocate on a more permanent basis. Luckily, there have been no reports as of yet of any previous partnerships with fallen influencers damaging a brand’s reputation today. Influencer marketing will still continue to be a strong prediction for 2018, and marketers should still strive to implement this in their strategies.

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