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Instagram in my opinion is the Queen of all social media channels (minus the algorithm, bring back chronological order please!). Why is it my favourite? I love scrolling through my Instagram feed taking in the amazing images and photography of the many accounts I follow. Sure I follow my friends and throw them a like every now and then but I am all about the foodie, travel, fashion and beauty brands on Instagram. Oh, and celebrities, don’t forget the celebs. So, for this week’s blog post I thought I would share a few of my top Instagram accounts and why I spend hours of my week scrolling through their profiles.


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Photo credit @skyscanner Instagram

Skyscanner comes out on top of the travel list for me. I love Skyscanner as a brand and I use their app, a lot! But I particularly enjoy their feed as it fills me with complete wanderlust and envy. I want to visit everywhere! Their use of imagery is amazing and their copy is always interesting, informative and inspiring. I also love their travel blogger takeovers. Their most recent takeover was from @thesocialgirltraveler in New York City celebrating the Fourth of July. These takeovers give you a little insight into the city’s and places you love with a real human/behind the scenes element to them.


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Photo credit @H&M Instagram

Their captions are short and sweet and they keep up to date with relevant content and ideas! Their fashion collaborations are also always amazing! My favourite one so far has to be Balmain x H&M. There was an amazing build up and some outstanding photographs promoting the campaign.


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Photo credit @nandosuk Instagram

Everyone loves a ‘cheeky’ Nandos including me and I love nothing more than scrolling through the many photos of chicken on the Nandos feed. Nandos are the Kings of user-generated content and along with short and snappy copy I can’t get enough. Their copy is playful, fun and well in line with the brand! They have a cohesive brand identity across all platforms. They have also jumped on the short recipe videos content including peri-peri nachos and peri-burger bowls that will leave you salivating. Their behind the scenes video content is also really educational, but still has that ‘cheeky’ Nandos personality.

Anyone fancy a Nandos now?


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Photo credit @maccosmetics Instagram

If you’re looking for some amazing make-up inspiration or tips MAC is the page. The beauty industry is so competitive, it is hard for make-up brands to break through the noise. MAC is bang on trend with the latest trends and their tutorials are short and simple. Their feed is filled with colour, inspiration and useful tips and tricks (everything the consumer is looking for). Their mix of product posts, tutorials, and current trends keeps it fresh and up-to-date. They are also great at tying in with what is going on in the world. Their Pride posts were fab! Another feature that captures my eye is their bio. It’s a small thing, but it really grabs my attention! It sums MAC up in six words.

And for good measure I had to mention my Queen of Instagram…Beyoncé! Her recent post of the twins received a massive 9.7 million likes and 307k comments! Celebs are my specialist subject and getting an insight into their lives through Instagram makes me beyond happy! Bey is notoriously private and getting a little snippet into her life is amazing.

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Photo credit @beyonce Instagram

There you have it, a little insight into my favourite Instagram accounts. Instagram is a massive social platform and is a great space to reach your target audience,  90% of Instagram users are 35 or younger and has the most engagement rate out of Facebook and Twitter.

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