Recent case study: Lifehouse Spa & Hotel Bloggers Meet Up


We’re just back from our client Lifehouse Spa & Hotel, having hosted their inaugural Bloggers Meet Up! We were briefed to come up with an idea to help raise awareness of their Wellness offering, so we pitched the concept of hosting a Wellness bloggers meet up at the spa to generate a bit of buzz.

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Bloggers are more and more becoming household names. Whereas once we might've invited newspaper journalists to the Spa and hoped for column inches, we wanted to showcase the Lifehouse’s Wellness offering to a younger, more digital-savvy audience.

We’ve completed blogger outreach projects in the past, but this was one of the biggest that we had undertaken. Our objective was to achieve maximum reach and impact on social media. Something we know a lot about, but in a slightly different way to how we usually work, so it was a new and exciting project for Sunshine Communications to work on.

Fitcetera Group

We had six bloggers attend, who covered different aspects of Wellness; fitness, food and lifestyle. We worked closely with Lifehouse Hotel & Spa to create a bespoke plan for each blogger, which included a wellness treatment each, a garden tour, a custom clean eating menu, personalised fitness classes and a range of wellness workshops. We also were in attendance to make sure the bloggers meet event ran seamlessly.

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Group fitness session

The event was a massive success, with the hashtag #LHBloggersMeet reaching over 500,000 people across Twitter. With the bloggers’ combined following of well over 1.5 million followers, we reached a large and receptive audience who previously hadn’t heard of Lifehouse or their Wellness offering. All of our bloggers shared their Lifehouse experience across their social media channels, including Instagram and Snapchat stories live whilst there.

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The bloggers meet up was the perfect opportunity for Lifehouse to showcase their fabulous Wellness offering. Beyond this however, it also provided the means to highlight the fabulous food, beautiful gardens, wealth of fitness experts and the luxurious spa.

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For Sunshine, the bloggers meet up is another example of how powerful social media can be, and where the influence on potential customers lies. With bloggers attending together, we made sure they felt well taken care of, and their subsequent blogs, vlogs and social media posts ensured we managed to reach a new and relevant audience.


You can find the wonderful bloggers that were in attendance below:

Carly Rowena


Sprinkle of Green

The Fashion Fitness Foodie

Hedi Hearts

Amanda Bootes