Meet the Team - Claire

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After graduating from Edinburgh University with a degree in Economic and Social History, Claire decided to jump ship to a career in marketing!

After completing an internship with a top marketing agency in London, Claire returned to Edinburgh and joined Sunshine in September 2015 as an Account Executive.

Claire works closely with other team members to support with all client activity. Her main client to date has been Edinburgh Airport, where she handles community management and content creation.

Now the fun stuff…

What’s your favourite thing about working at Sunshine Communications?

My favourite thing about working at Sunshine is the small team environment. Working in a small team allows me to feel that my voice is heard, and if I have an idea I never feel scared to voice it.

What’s your favourite Social Media platform?

Without a doubt my favourite social media platform is Snapchat! I love Snapchat – I am on it everyday.

Snapchat suits my busy lifestyle by allowing me to keep up to date with friends that I might not have had the chance to see for a while.  I enjoy being able to add Snapchat geofilters if I am away for the weekend or at somewhere noteworthy that I want to tell friends about.  The regularly updated fun face filters are also good fun and keep the app from getting boring and redundant.

Snapchat is quick, easy, fun and flexible and suits everything I look for in a social media platform.

What’s your favourite quote? 

‘What’s past is prologue’ William Shakespeare – a reminder to learn from past mistakes when moving forward, as history usually has a way of repeating itself.

When I’m not working you’ll find me…

As with many people, I like to spend my time catching up with friends and spending time with loved ones.  I am currently addicted to Mad Men – so you might find me watching that too!

Where would be at the top of your bucketlist? 

Having already been lucky enough to travel quite a bit throughout University, I have already seen some amazing places. My next top travel destinations at the moment is Croatia.  Being a massive Game of Thrones fan, I want to see walls surrounding Dubrovnik – and I love beaches and the sun.