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Meet Kelly Bean

Kelly has joined Sunshine as our new Social Media Manager, acting as the customer service touchpoint for all of our clients and providing further insight into social media trends and updates. Having worked mainly with food and drink brands such as Edinburgh Gin and Mackays, Kelly is looking forward to working with brands from all sectors, from creative musicians to spa retreats.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about working at Sunshine Communications?

I would definitely say the Sunshine team. I always value a team who are hardworking, but can also enjoy themselves in the workplace. Having been working at Sunshine now for just shy of a month, the team have made me feel so welcome and answered any questions I’ve had. Each member of the team is so talented in their own craft and I look forward to working with them all more closely.

Q. What’s your favourite quote?

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.”

Erma Bombeck Author

This has always stayed with me, as I’m sure many of my friends will tell you that I’m quite the worrier. I have a habit of imagining the worst possible outcome, and in the end it always ends up not as bad as I thought. This and “everything happens for a reason” are my main two mottos in life and I strongly believe them. So far, everything bad that has happened has somehow always had a positive outcome. I have much more of a positive outlook on life than when I was a teenager because of these mottos (meditation also helps!).

Q. What’s your favourite social media platform?

I class myself as a visual thinker, so it has to be Instagram for personal use. I love that each profile has a certain style that it follows, and you can really get creative with your photos (or videos, but I solely post photos). I also love Instagram Stories, probably more than Snapchat, as it has plenty of options for creating a Story, from different ways of using text to seasonal stickers. As a Social Media Manager, it would be Facebook (although this might change due to its latest news feed update). Its advertising suite astonishes me on a daily basis and it’s really cost effective. The advertising options seem endless and there’s always something new to experiment with, whether it’s a new segment or a new functionality!

Q. When I’m not working you'll find me at…

Pilates when I can afford to go, or choir practice (thanks to our very own Bella!). Singing has always been a huge passion of mine and I’m so glad I’ve finally found a choir that I can really immerse myself into. I also meditate every night as mindfulness is very important to me, and I’d love to try yoga someday!

Q. Where would be at the top of your bucket list?

There’re too many to choose from, but Route 66 has always been at the back of my mind. I’ve been to both Florida and New York so to go back to North America and visit so many places along Route 66 would be a dream. I'll hopefully have a few trips lined up this year - Iceland and Florence being at the top of my list!

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