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With a wealth of experience working for household names like Dobbies and Barrhead Travel, Paula joins our merry team at Sunshine as our new Account Manager.

Knowing first-hand what it's like to be "the client", Paula knows exactly what it's like working client-side, helping brands navigate the world of content marketing with ease. She studied Marketing & Communications, earning a bachelor and University Medal – and although she insists that must've been a mistake, we definitely think otherwise!

Pairing knowledge of social media marketing with wider digital and offline comms, Paula is also a dab-hand at supporting Team Sunshine with creative concepts and discussing strategy with our clients.

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Q. What’s your favourite thing about working at Sunshine Communications?

For me, it has to be the people. A fun, warm and welcoming environment filled with a hugely talented team who aren’t afraid of hard work.

There is such a fine line between too much fun and staying professional – and Sunshine are the masters of this, never losing sight of what’s important in the agency world.

Q. What’s your favourite quote?

“Be smart, be strong, be proud, live honourably and with dignity, and just hold on.”

James Frey A Million Little Pieces

I’m not the biggest follower of inspirational quotes, but this is from my favourite book (which I’ve read an embarrassingly large number of times) and it always jumps out at me. I think moments in life can often be taken too seriously, and when relating back to this quote it all seems pretty simple.

Q. What’s your favourite Social Media platform?

For personal use, I definitely spend most of my scrolling time on Instagram. I’m a huge fan of the simplicity of it, post an image with a snappy caption – done! However, I’ll always stay faithful to trusty Facebook.

It’s the best way for me to stay up to date with family and the friends I’ve made all over the world – for some reason the ‘in thing’ will always be “are you on Facebook?” when making pals travelling. It will always have a global understanding and I love that!

Q. When I’m not working you'll find me….

I am a huge foodie – cooking, eating out and enjoying any wine that goes alone with it (any excuse). Having recently moved to Edinburgh, I am loving the huge variety of bars and restaurants to make my way through!

Q. What would be at the top of your bucket list?

Traveling was always a huge ambition for me but I’m now fortunate enough to have ticked a few tasks off my bucket list; shark diving, climbing Table Mountain in Capetown, exploring the wild/wonderful Bangkok and living my best life in Las Vegas.

The next thing on my bucket list for this year would have to be something more sensible like running a 10k or a skydive (I’m terrified of heights).

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Paula Currie

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