It has been a busy week in the world of social media, from Instagram albums to custom Snapcodes and of course THAT Instagram photo! We take a closer look at some of the top stories this week.

Instagram photo albums

Instagram has recently announced that it is testing a new function that would allow users to upload multiple photos into an album. This is a controversial move, as the single image has always been a defining feature of Instagram.

The new feature would allow users to upload up to 10 images or videos in a single post – exactly like Facebook’s photo albums. It is unclear exactly how this finished product will look, but it is speculated it will look something like a ‘carousel ad’.

It is still unknown when the feature will be ready to be rolled out, and Instagram are keeping any details closely hidden. We’re unsure if albums will work well on Instagram, as it may disturb the flow of the way users interact with the homepage.

Image via Mashable

Snapchat custom Snapcodes

Snapchat’s recent update sees it become more business friendly, as users will be able to scan a QR code directly on a website to then link the app and that website. This makes it easier for businesses to communicate directly with and grow their audiences through the app.

Snapcodes have already been in use for individuals for a year, and they work really well to allow friends to connect via Snapchat without having to type in a username. The difficulty of connecting with other users and businesses has been one of Snapchat’s biggest downfalls, and is said to be the reason for the success of Instagram stories.

This is likely to mean we will start seeing a lot more snapcodes in advertising, and will probably result in advertisers continuing to plough budget into the social media platform.

Beyonce broke the internet!

Yup, I’m sure you’ve seen it. This week Beyonce took to Instagram to announce to the world that she was pregnant with twins. Beyonce broke the Instagram record, attracting 7.8 million likes in just under 24 hours.

The reaction is an indicator of the importance of social media in news sharing. Instagram announced 600 million users in December 2016, having added 100 million in the previous six months.

Wow - 9 million likes!