Monday Mashup #1


We’re kicking off our Monday Mashup here at Sunshine! Every week, we’ll take a look at some of the industry’s biggest and best news, and give our opinions on the latest social media trends. We hope you enjoy!

Snapchat Spectacles

Spectacles Red Crop

Snapchat have been working secretively behind the scenes for the past two years on these soon-to-be-released Spectacles. We’ve already had a taste of this “computer on your face” concept with Google Glass, so what makes these Spectacles different? One of the main selling points is that they can record stories in their usual 10-second bursts but the camera has a 115-degree lens making it much closer to what the human eye actually sees. While this is seems like a pretty cool idea, will people actually wear them? Not sure how I’d feel whipping these out while walking down the street in an attempt to snap the 100th cute dog I’ve encountered that day.

Twitter Moments Available To All Users

2015 10 07 Image 4

Twitter have been busy lately making some long-awaited changes (I’m still rejoicing at the character count change – no more MSN slang in an attempt to squeeze your tweet into 140 characters - gr8!) with one of the most recent being the ability for all users to create their own Moments to share with friends and followers. So far, Moments has failed to make any substantial impact so the challenge for brands will now be to consider how they can use Moments to utilise it to best effect.

Facebook Canvas Ads

Share Og Image

Facebook wants to give advertisers an enticing way to reach people without re-directing them off of the social platform. In a bid to achieve this it has officially launched its ad Canvas for all advertisers. When users click a Facebook News Feed ad connected to Canvas, it opens a full-screen media page inside of the app rather than forcing users to wait for a browser page to load. And since Canvas doesn’t aggravate users with long load times or veer them off the app, the social network can keep them engaged and seeing more of its News Feed ads while they go about their regular Facebook activities.

Spotify and Tinder Pair Up

160920 Tinder Spotify Jsw 1141A Ab94344E62499Be9F6B9F22F67247879 Nbcnews Fp 1200 800

It’s been said that music is the way to your soul so it only makes sense that leading music app Spotify is teaming up with leading dating app Tinder. Your music preferences will be linked with your profile, allowing you to choose a "personal anthem" which best reflects your personality. This means users can make friends with someone with similar tastes just as easily as being able to avoid them. I’m feeling pretty relived that I’m not on Tinder right now because I’m not sure “Bits ‘n’ Pieces” (please don’t judge me) screams girlfriend material.

Facebook Tests Snapchat-like Features For Messenger

Facebook Messenger

It’s no secret that Facebook reportedly tried to buy Snapchat back in 2013 but were turned down. So it was only a matter of time before they began copying more and more features from the social media giant. Their latest feature called "Messenger Day”, allows Facebook Messenger users to share a collection of media with friends that will only be viewable for 24 hours. And much like Snapchat, there’s the option to add text, drawing, stickers and more. At the moment this feature is only being tested on a small number of people so there’s no word yet if it will be rolled out to all users. Do we really need another App to upload stories to though? With the addition of Instagram stories (which is actually performing pretty well) and the original Snapchat stories it seems like it might be a bit of overkill.

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