Monday Mashup #4 - Facebook 360-degree photos, Instagram Stories and Facebook Conversation Topics


Facebook greatly improves 360-degree photos with one small update

Facebook 360 Photo

Facebook have made a sought-after change to their 360-degree photos, with users now being able to change the initial view on their 360 photos on iOS, Android and Chrome on desktop.

Alongside this latest update, Caitlin Ramrakha, product marketing manager at Facebook, has released information about two additional changes coming to 360 photos on Facebook. “Secondly, we’ve also heard many of you ask for album support, and we’ll be rolling out the ability to post 360 photos to albums in the coming weeks. Alongside this update, we’ll also roll out the ability to add 360 photos to multimedia posts—i.e., when you want to post a combination of 360 photos, regular photos, 360 videos and regular videos at once.”

Instagram brings stories to the explore tab

Insta Stories Explore

Only two months after introducing Snapchat-style stories, Instagram have announced that stories are coming to the explore tab as well. 100 million people use the explore function on a daily basis to find photos and videos from accounts they don’t follow. With Instagram's newest update you’ll be able to see stories on the explore tab as well.

These changes were made in an attempt to keep up with photo sharing giant Snapchat, which has become the go-to place to share photos and socialise. Instagram have reported that one-third of its 300 million daily users interact with stories every day, so with this function working so well, the addition to include them on the explore tab seems like a worthwhile move from Instagram. Snapchat still fails to have the functionality to allow you to find interesting new accounts to follow, which is where Instagram comes out on top.

UberEATS are taking advantage of the avocado trend

Screen Shot 2016 10 24 At 16 08 53

The current Millenials trend of smashed avo on toast, highlights the power of social media with UberEATS latest announcement. The company are jumping on the bandwagon and ran a promo this weekend that delivered #SmashedAvo directly to your door, FOR FREE. Unfortunately this promo was only available in Australia (crying) but there's always the chance a UK based company like Deliveroo will see the success of this savvy marketing ploy and try it out for themselves.

Facebook Conversation Topics

Messenger Conversation Topics

Facebook Messenger is rolling out a new function which suggests conversation topics, based upon what your friend group has recently been up to. This function has already received some backlash due to it's invasive nature. Are we really that far gone as a species that we need technology to help us out with everyday small talk? Users have already referred to the update as "creepy" and "uncomfortable."

At the moment this update is only being offered to a small test group and it’s worth nothing that Facebook has carried out an array of experiments in the past, before eventually turning it either into a new function available to everyone or quietly disposed of never to be mentioned again.

If however Facebook do decide to bring “Conversation Topics” to all users, it will be interesting to see if the social networking giant will consider altering its privacy settings to give users a choice as to whether their Facebook friends (and the 'friends' you don't really know) will be offered suggestions on how to start a chat with them.

Vimeo launches New Profiles and Looping Cover Videos

Screen Shot 2016 10 24 At 16 26 22

Vimeo has redesigned its user profiles “to give you more control over how it looks and how you showcase your videos online.” Profiles have been freshened up to appear less cluttered and now feature a new cover video that loops silently at the top of the page. New customisation options have been added to allow users to choose “up to 10 videos to feature on the front page of their profile, and pick the order in which they appear.” All Vimeo users will have access to these new features regardless of membership status.

This is just the beginning of a whole new set of changes by Vimeo: "we’ll be adding even more profile customization tools in the coming weeks — including a slick new Videos page, with extra control for you — designed especially with creators like you in mind."