Monday Mashup Blog #12 - Instagram Scheduling, Twitter Tackling Trolls and Pinterest Lens


Sprout Social introduces Instagram scheduling!

Instagram Publishing Notifications 3

It was an exciting week for Sunshine as we discovered the news that Sprout Social has FINALLY introduced a new feature which allows us to schedule posts for Instagram...then we realised technically that's not exactly what's happening.

When they say "scheduling", what they really mean is receive a handy notification straight to your phone at the time you want to post and then do it manually from your mobile device. So really not much better than the alarms I've already been setting for myself, huh? Here's what Sprout has to say:

"Easily create and schedule posts from Sprout's Compose window and choose a publisher to receive a push notification when it's time to publish."

So while it's not exactly what we were hoping for, it does let us create our post prior to posting time which saves us that little bit of time later on in the day. We're keeping our fingers crossed though that we'll soon be able to schedule Insta posts like we can with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter Tackling Trolls

Twitter have finally taken a much needed step to protect it's users from abusive and violent tweets. Last week the platform introduced the option to report abusive tweets and now have launched even more features to help protects users safety:

"Today, we’re announcing three changes: stopping the creation of new abusive accounts, bringing forward safer search results, and collapsing potentially abusive or low-quality Tweets."

This means that users who have been continually suspended will no longer be able to create new accounts and low quality/abusive tweets will be removed from conversation threads.


These changes should help to make Twitter a safer, friendlier place for all users and in terms of community management for businesses - trolls will finally be silenced! Allowing organisations to interact with their audiences in a much more controlled and civilised environment should make for better overall community management. The changes will take place over the coming weeks so you may not notice this change immediately.

Pinterest Presents new Lens


Last week Pinterest announced their latest feature:

“Now along with being able to type in a search, people can also use anything they see - both on Pinterest and out in the world - as a jumping off point for discovering great products and ideas from businesses like yours.”

At the moment this new feature, "Pinterest Lens", is only in beta, so at the moment it's functionality is limited and won't work on everything. Currently, the Lens works best when looking at home décor items, but the results will get better as more people use it and expand the range of objects Lens can recognise.

Now, the very presence of your products in someone’s home, on the feet of a passer by, could serve as an immediate connection opportunity.

This is an interesting discovery tool which will allow pinners to let their eyes guide them. It's a handy update from the photo sharing platform which could see their users increase in numbers. It will also have significant implications for marketers as it will offer new opportunitiesin terms of increased data for context and ad targeting.

More than 60% of Snappers skip ads

Bad news for Snapchat marketers this week!

New stats from Fluent show that 69 percent of the 3,327 American adults surveyed online skip ads on Snapchat “always” or “often,” and that number goes up to 80 percent among 18- to 24-year-olds, a target group that many marketers want to reach.

It has also been discovered that most Snapchat users don't consume any news related content on the app. So why are users not connecting with ads and news outlets like they do on other social sharing platforms?

The reason boils down to what users are actually using Snapchat for, said Cohen from Fluent. “I asked lots of millennials this question. It’s really about exclusive short, fun content,” he explained. “In addition to communicating with friends, they follow celebrities. They don’t really engage with ads or mainstream news outlets."

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