Monday Mashup Blog #6 - Facebook Video Tab, Twitter emoji Google Search, Facebook pages coming to Instagram, Slack and Google partner up


New Instagram Feautures

Gd Instagram Like Comments

Finally Instagram are making it easier to respond to user comments! Months after Facebook added the feature to like and reply to comments, their sister brand Instagram are following suit. Users can tap a heart icon next to any comment and also have the ability to turn off comments on any post. These two new comment functions are in keeping with Instagram’s commitment to making its site a “positive place for self-expression” and will be made available to all users once they are released.

Along with this improvement, Instagram are also allowing users with private profiles to remove followers they no longer wish to view their content. These updates have been made in a bid to "maintain Instagram as a welcoming and safe place for everyone."

Find the answers you're looking for, with just an emoji


Incase the act of typing out a question into Google was too taxing for some people, Twitter have just launched an update that will make your life that little bit easier.

You can now get answers from the search engine giant just by tweeting an emoji to Google. So if you're struggling to find a nearby burger spot (highly unlikely these days...) then tweet the burger emoji to Google and they'll direct you the nearest one!

Google responds to roughly 200 of the available emojis on Twitter, which the company wants users to test and discover on their own. To help start you off though, the Christmas tree emoji shows results for where the nearest festive greenery is. 

Twitter loves an emoji and this update highlights just how much they are embracing the modern trend. It's not the first time they've played about with using emojis. When using certain hashtags such as #ShareACoke and #BlackLivesMatter. A study found that 600,000 tweets are sent an hour containing at least one emoji.

To get on the emoji response action, you'll need to have your location services enabled as the replies are all localised based on where you are tweeting from.

Slack and Google are partnering up

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Here at Sunshine we would be lost without Slack! As a busy digital 24/7 social team, our team members are hopping about to different locations on a weekly basis so it's a great tool for communicating and sharing files easily and quickly.

This new announcement from Slack could help to make the app even more convenient and seamless:

"We’re partnering with Google to bring our shared customers a suite of deep integrations. Turns out many of you love using Slack and Google together — so much so that millions of Google Drive files are shared in Slack each month. Moving forward, you’ll be able to do even more with our products. Here’s a look at what’s coming." 

Users will be able to get updates from the Drive Bot (more on this in the weeks to come), send files with assurance that the whole team have permission to view it, connect Slack channels to Team Drives and preview Google Docs.

This update will be hugely beneficial for teams using the Google Cloud, but as big Dropbox users at Sunshine we're keeping our eyes peeled for the next integration!

Facebook pages are coming to Instagram

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Instagram have introduced a new feature where Facebook page links have started to show up in the Instagram profiles of select users.

The Facebook URLs show up at the bottom of users’ Instagram bios. The hyperlinked text copies the name of the Facebook page it links to.

This update will be useful for business accounts who may want to direct traffic to their FB page where they conduct community management or sales.

Pinterest's Tried and True Feature

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If like me, you love searching through Pinterest for work and personal ideas and inspo, then you'll be happy to hear about their latest update!

A new green smile icon shows you which ideas “people have already tried and given their stamp of approval” and how many other pinners have tried it. This new feature also indicates which of your friends and followers have tried a pin as well.

This update will be a handy way to quickly tell at a glance which ideas are worth looking further into. Whether it's a new method for motivating team members or the latest DIY project.

Facebook's new Video Tab

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