Monday Mashup Blog #9 - Trump Inauguration, Women's March and Snapchat Video Ad Bundles


It's been a busy week on social media, with politics playing a big part. Despite those against the new president vowing to a social media blackout during the inauguration; FAKE NEWS (FYI, Trump - we all saw the crowd footage) and protests took over the Social Media world. Twitter has become the main medium used by the President to communicate with his followers (and haters). This brings us onto another big event which took the social media world by storm.

Women's March

Over the weekend, women around the world gathered together in protest of the USA's latest President, marching for women's rights. The event is believed to be one of the largest-ever demonstrations in the history of the United States and it all started with one small Facebook post in the days after the 2016 presidential election. Within two months, it morphed into the largest event in defiance of Trump’s presidency over inauguration weekend. The power of social media is strong.


"It's about sharing the experience and wanting to let people know they are part of the experience," said Marcia DiStaso, an associate professor of public relations and social media at Penn State University. "It's the check-in mentality. We care more about people hearing us as a collective than individually."

And being heard as a collective is exactly what these strong women achieved. The Metro reported more traffic on this day than the inauguration itself. These women were all brought together through the medium of social media and effectively sent their message across the globe, again using the powers of social media. If exposure is what you're looking for these days, social media is the go-to place. 

Black Lives Matter

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Image via @mashable

The inauguration of Donald Trump has brought about yet more social media news this week. A new social media tool has been launched which highlights the dangers of racism and the safety of black Americans.

"Mark Yourself Unsafe, a web app that Black Lives Matter organizers modeled after Facebook Safety Check, allows black social media users to symbolically mark themselves "unsafe" throughout the entire United States. The tool officially launched on Jan. 17, and it serves to highlight the current threats the black community faces across the nation — from economic inequality to police violence and countless other forms of racial bias."

The app has been intentionally released this week to link up with the inauguration of Donald Trump. The company behind the social media tool are not claiming that had the election went the other way that racism would be abolished but more "there is a feeling — shared by many minorities — that under the new government they are even more unsafe. So, while nothing has changed, everything has changed."

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Social media users are able to mark themselves as "unsafe" on both Facebook and Twitter. In doing so they will also share a status reading "Being Black in America is a national emergency. Black people are being attacked and murdered while doing day-to-day activities. Let the world know how you feel. #BlackLivesMatter #MarkYourselfUnsafe."

So far, nearly 1,600 people have marked themselves unsafe in the United States using the tool.

These events and social media acts are only some of the radical actions taken in a stance against the inauguration. A human chain across the Golden Bridge was formed and while most brands have played it safe and kept quiet over the weekend, certain brands have jumped on the protests and released their own views.

Expedia have shared a powerful message of global togetherness amid a divisive inauguration. The message behind the ad was that "everyone can take this day to reflect on how they can connect to their neighbors across the country and around the world."

Snapchat Bundles Video Ads

Snapchat Partners Logo

Anyway enough of the heavy stuff, on to some more fun news!

Snapchat is now encouraging advertisers on the platform to bundle their video ads. A Snapchat spokesmen announced that “sequenced messaging allows advertisers to run consecutive video ads with different creative within its Discover section, in order to tell one story."

This update will make it easier for advertisers to tell a story, and better connect with their target audience. Advertisers will now have the ability to split ads up into three different segments and only serve them one segment, and then retarget those individuals with another segment to continue the story. It will make for a more thought out advertising process and will increase engagement with users.

Facebook Page Admins can receive reminders

Fbpages Custom Reminders

Facebook have launched a new feature to ensure page administrators don’t let the content on their pages become dated and uninspiring.

Page admins can receive reminders before holidays, as well as designate specific days of the week or times of day.

"We can remind you to update your page on days that are important to you. Regular posts build visitor trust and engagement, and reminders can make it easier to follow a posting schedule."

Page admins, what are your thoughts? A handy tool or invasive and annoying?

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