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I’ve hit that point in my late-twenties. That point when you can still party like a rockstar but can’t recover like one. That point where you can eat a Dominoes pizza and instantly see the pounds appearing on your face as you finish your last slice of Pepperoni Passion. That point when you can no longer use a £2 cleanser or moisturiser on your face and wake up looking radiant. Yes, this point arrived around 10 months ago for me, when I realised I had to start investing in anti-ageing products and seriously good skincare or I’d end up like an old leather bag.

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Since this moment of realisation, I have become really interested in skin care products, sampling everything from Clinique to Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder to ESPA in search of the best products on the market.

With a mind-boggling array of products out there, it is almost impossible to know where to begin. So I have recommended my top product contenders that will leave your skin feeling gorgeous, glowing and youthful.


One day, I walked into Harvey Nicks in Knightsbridge to find a beauty assistant with the most stunning, illuminated skin I’d ever seen. I asked what cleanser she used and she let me into her little secret, Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser. I had never heard of this product before, but I soon found out it has won a host of beauty awards…and for very good reason. This uber-creamy concoction comes in the prettiest pink packaging and it’s super powerful ingredients leave you with the most nourished and beautiful complexion. You simply rub the cream cleanser onto dry skin with a muslin cloth which melts off all your makeup off to leave freshly cleansed, sweet smelling skin.

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I follow my miracle cleanser with an ishga toner. I’m a big advocate of ishga products and using this toner every night after cleansing. Unlike a lot of alcohol-heavy toners, this doesn’t sting when I wipe it over my clean face, nor does it make my face feel tight and dehydrated. The key active ingredients in this toner are: brown algae seaweed, lemon, natural salt water, aloe vera and Mandarin red essential oil – no wonder it feels so great on application!

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Everyone needs a serum or face oil to give your skin a well needed boost. My favourite by far is the Clarins Anti-Ageing Double Serum. This wonder product has definitely helped with my overall complexion and tone. My skin’s texture is now even, less blotchy, brighter, firmer and smoother. I 100% swear by this product and would recommend it to everyone. My make up slides on now even if I don’t use a primer base. Tip – if you massage the product in for at least 5- 8 minutes, this will simulate the blood flow to regenerate the skin cells and also help to remove any toxins.

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Moisturise and Protect

I need a good day cream to help fight these early wrinkles that I can see appearing around my eyes. Plus I’m always out and about, walking in the cold and then heating my flat to resemble the Sahara Desert. This change in temperature plays havoc with my skin, so I need a really good hydrating moisturiser as well as being focussed on anti-ageing. I use Clarins Multi-Active Early Wrinkle Cream which helps fight the early signs of anti-ageing and reduces the appearance of lines. It’s medium weight and gives me a fresh base which locks in moisture all day.

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Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer – Radiance is the best I’ve tried to date. This creamy, liquid little baby has a pearlescent, luminous quality that gives a subtle glow under your foundation. Try it girls, you will not be disappointed!

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So there you have it. Do you have any to add?

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Jenny Emslie

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