#O2Down: 5 Ways to Survive

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Tap, tap, tap. Hold to restart. Check your sim card is in place. Has it worked?

Nope. It still isn’t working. Your palms start to sweat. That gnawing anxiety starts to creep in and BOOM, the FOMO starts.

“What have I missed?", “Who’s trying to Whatsapp me?“, “Have the Kardashians changed their hairstyle?“, “Have they finally found out it’s Christmas in Africa?”

If you’re like our office, you would’ve been hit by a digital outage courtesy of our pals at O2. Whilst we didn’t tweet them with #O2Down, it did get us talking about how reliant we are on mobile data!

But, from 'tragedy' comes opportunity. The opportunity to talk, look, listen to other human beings and observe the world that – believe it or not – is still turning. Or in our case, write a blog about it.

What do you think of our five tips to survive the (temporary) digital apocalypse?

#1 Talk to the person next to you

We know it sucks to communicate face-to-face with other peasants. Drastic times call for drastic measure and all that. We'll even give you a Scottish opener, "Driech weather the day."

#2 Give your parents a call

Remember those people who fed you, bathed you and occasionally send you money? They’re also the people that bought you your very first phone, complete with Snake? Or Snake II if you were lucky. Give them a buzz. Ask them how their day is. Major brownie points before Christmas. Your data might be down, but the original function of your phone is fine!

#3 Try, exercise (we emphasise TRY!)

The evenings looming and you have nothing to do because the internet's down. Go for a walk or run. Your body will thank you for it the next day with an array of aches and pains. This is nothing to be alarmed about, it’s the feeling of accomplishment

#4 Pick up your favourite book

Remember those things with pages and words? You might have seen them on TV. You might have seen them in your local library. You might even use them to prop up a dodgy table. Well, they're much easier to read without the constant 'BING' of notifications.

#5 Cry about not having internet

If it all becomes a little too much being cut off from the social world, then feel free to have a good old cry. Wrap yourself up in that 13-tog duvet, pop the kettle on and cry deep, dark tears into your bev of choice. We hear it can be the best therapy! At least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves…

So, if you're not bunkering down and stocking up on tinned food then enjoy this brief opportunity of digital freedom because tomorrow, it'll be back 🤞

William Corbett Photograph

William Corbett

Content Manager