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Sunshine News

Account Manager Vacancy

We’re recruiting for an Account Manager with 1.5/2 years’ experience to join our rapidly evolving team at Sunshine Comms!

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Do What You Truly Love!

Take a second, think back to when you were a child and the world was full of infinite possibilities. What did you envision you would be doin

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Netpicks Handmaids Tale Hulu


Colour in Films

Ever wondered how directors set a certain mood in a movie? There is more to that than you might think. So let's discuss colour in films!

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The Long Commute – A Weegie’s Tale

If Frodo Baggins thought he had an arduous journey he clearly hasn’t taken the Scotrail Glasgow to Edinburgh commute on a daily basis!

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Fear of networking and tips to get better at it

A networking event is approaching. Are you feeling hyped about it or uneasy, hoping to get ill on that day?

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Sunshine News

Sunshine News

Sunshine News!

It's been a busy few weeks at Sunshine HQ, with exciting new client wins, new hires and a new office! Read all about it here...

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What brands can learn from #AskEddie

Eddie the Intern shows what can happen when a brand lets its guard down.

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