Review of Milk Bar and Bistro, Barcelona


Barcelona may not specialise in the lavish, champagne-soaked buffets you can enjoy in Dubai or Hong Kong, but what they do have, is one or two top class establishments, offering innovative and intriguing brunch experiences. One of which, is most certainly Milk.

If you’re looking for Milk, just follow the road directly South from Jaume Metro and you’ll be heading west towards the Gothic quarter. Keep a look out for the rasta flag and reggae shop, directly opposite Milk, or alternatively, just look for the hoards of people scanning for the red dot on their iPhones. It’s highly rated on Trip Advisor, and well known for very good reason.

Milk Bar And Bistro

Don’t get me wrong I love me some tapas. But after 4 weeks of patas bravas, chorizo and ham and cheese croquettes , my Scottish taste buds were craving some eggs and bacon.

Ever since it opened in 2005, Milk has been a haven of creature comforts for many an expat and tourist – thanks to their Irish owners creating a San Fransisco styled menu that includes the likes of Ramen Noodle Burgers, Steak Sandwiches and an Asian Shredded Chicken Salad.

Milk Bar And Bistro Salad
Milk Bar and Bistro Asian Chicken Salad
Milk Bar And Bistro Burger
Milk Bar and Bistro Classic bacon cheese burger

But it’s Milk’s “recovery brunch” menu that has helped them achieve a cult status in Barcelona. It offers a host of calorie-rich brunch grub from Eggs Benedict to Penny Farthing Pancakes, Huevos Rancheros to the Hamtastic Omlette. There’s even a Breakfast Burger which resembles a fancy version of a bacon and egg McMuffin. And of course you can opt for the classic ‘full breakfast’ staple which is surprisingly very hard to find in Barcelona. Wash this all down with a Very Berry Banana Smoothie and you’re on to a winner. Hangover be GONE!

Milk Bar And Bistro Eggs
Milk Bar and Bistro Eggs Benedict

The decor is quirky (a groovy twist on Alice in Wonderland) with swish hand made sofas, chandeliers, golden frames, flirtatious pillows and countless vintage mirrors on the wall.

As the sun goes down, many diners tend to stay later when the venue turns into a buzzing cocktail bar with trendy groups and dating couples absorbed in lively chatter and exquisite cocktails.

Whether you’re looking for a stiff drink after work, a hangover breakfast, dinner with friends or a birthday party venue, Milk has it all.

We went one evening for dinner at 8pm, and were back within 12 hours for the recovery brunch. You can’t get better than that!

Milk Bar And Bistro Cocktail

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