So you want to work in Social Media…?


My friends often say to me – I don’t know if you work all the time, or if you never work?! I know many other people who work in social media can relate to this question. So I’ve decided to battle some of the stigmas of the job and write a blog about exactly why social media is such an exciting and rewarding career.

So whether you’re looking for a career in social media or are just curious about the industry, have a read!

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Social media is unpredictable. The nature of the industry means we can never know what our day will throw at us. Social media platforms are constantly changing the goalposts, meaning you need to be adaptable and agile if you don’t want to be left behind.

I am constantly making lists of what I want to do with my day and finding myself doing something completely different by 10am. I love this, and knowing that my day can never be rigidly mapped out is something that really appealed to me about working in social media.

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Remote working

The nature of our work means that as long as we’re connected to some good WiFi – we can essentially be working from anywhere in the world! At Sunshine we have done away with old-fashioned landlines and rigid desktops, we all work from easy to carry laptops and mobile phones.

Remote working allows us to work in some of Edinburgh’s excellent little cafes if we want a change of scene such as Checkpoint, Frederick’s Coffee House and The Huxley – to name a few of our favourites. This boosts creativity and means we never get bogged down staring at the same four walls everyday.

The nature of our work gives so many opportunities to travel and work abroad for an extended period, within reason of course. We are able to pack up our laptop and head somewhere sunny for a week while carrying on with our usual work. This really appealed to me, as I’m still young and can by no means say that I have satisfied my travel bug yet! I want to continue travelling and explore everything the world has to offer for the rest of my life, and with this job that dream becomes attainable.

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One of our favourite remote working spots We'd recommend the eggs benny!


We are constantly connected to popular culture and what is going on in the world. Working in social media means that we are always discussing weird and wonderful things that have happened online the night before. To give you an example, going through Pokemon Go in depth to see if it was something that we could use to the advantage of one of our clients!

Our usual Monday morning digest can be talking over Kanye and Taylor’s recent arguments or whatever other crazy and unpredictable thing has taken place on social media. That is not to say we don’t enjoy talking about serious politics and the way social media is currently being used to influence opinions in the American Presidential election for example.

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Playing with the new Snapchat filters

Helping others

Yes – we recognise that none of us are brain surgeons and we are not saving people’s lives on a daily basis.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t get a real sense of job satisfaction that we have made someone’s day by simply responding to their problem on Twitter. People use social media to vent frustrations, and that’s okay. We are frequently on the other end of those frustrations working to calm the situation and try and help as far as we can.

We’re also able to offer our advice and skills for free to charities or small local businesses that need a hand as everyone wants to know about social media. A prime example is our new project with The Entrepreneur’s Foundation we’re helping promote entrepreneurship within Scottish schools and drive innovation throughout business in Scotland. We have partnered up with TEF to use social media to help them get their charity known about and encourage businesses to sign up to the incentive.

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Tangible results

Social media is so measurable. With the right approach, the results that can be generated through social media are super impressive and are an important indicator that you’re doing your job right – and if not, why not? Analytics allow an understanding of the success or failure of certain social media tactics, which help immensely in making sure we get the right results for our clients. This means we can report back to our clients and always ensure that they are getting a return on their investment.

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First start of the journey

I am usually the first point of contact for customers. So for example, for our client Lifehouse Spa & Hotel, clients usually turn to us on social media before they have even arrived at the hotel. This gives us the opportunity to build an impression of the brand beforehand. Building brand loyalty is a key element of social media, now from even before the first point of contact.

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Think like a boss

I’m responsible for speaking in real-time with millions of customers and potential consumers. This means that I have to understand each and every aspect of every single brand that I work on, - that’s a whole lot of knowledge! I have to be able to speak about the company with the same expertise and ability as the CEO and senior executives that have been involved in every decision that has ever been made around the brand.

Flexibility, fun, authority, creativity, variety, data – what more could I want?! It’s a perfect job for me and I would encourage others to enter into this marketing field. If this blog has encouraged you to send in your CV, we’re always looking for bright rays of Sunshine! Send in your CVs to [email protected].