Social Media Mash Up – January 2016


If January is anything to go by then 2016 is going to be another big and busy year for social media. There have been a few stories that have really grabbed my attention, so I thought I would do a little round up of some of my favourite social media stories so far!


Did you spend some time watching a puddle? I did. And I definitely wasn’t alone it was estimated around 20,000 people joined the live stream.

In case you did miss it #DrummondPuddleWatch was more or less as the name describes. The team at Drummond (a creative agency in Newcastle) could see a large puddle from their office window, people were having some trouble navigating round it and they decided to start a live stream via Periscope. From there it pretty much went viral, becoming the UK’s top trending topic.

But why? As so often happens with social media it is hard to explain. But I’d guess that people bored with their first week back at work, the absurdity of streaming something so mundane, the fact everyone can relate to having to navigate round a tricky puddle and the hope that someone gets splashed combined to make a perfect little viral storm.

Twitter’s 10,000

If recent reports are to be trusted then there is a strong belief that Twitter will soon be expanding its character limit from the economy 140 characters to a comparatively luxurious 10,000. Opinion is divided but that’s to be expected with any change. Rumour has it that tweets will still be compressed in the timeline with the option to click through and read more.

Truthfully I’m not fully on board with the change. For me the appeal of Twitter as a user is the speed at which you can scroll and the ability to easily choose the users and content that you interact with. Sadly the head honchos at Twitter haven’t asked me my opinion, if they did then I’d prefer to see the original limit with a link & image not deducting from the total character count. Because tweets with images are just better all-round. Opinion is divided on this one, even amongst the team at Sunshine, whatever happens we love Twitter and we’re all following this with interest! In fact, Claire has already written a blog on it here.

Robot Wars Return

Do you remember Robot Wars? A classic 90’s television show which pitted robot creating geeks against each other and the uber-scary house robots. I loved it and used to watch it religiously with my dad in the days before on-demand telly. Apparently the good people of twitter loved it too and were delighted it was returning and it quickly became the number one trending topic in the UK. In turn a number of brands jumped on the bandwagon with varying degrees of tenuous links to the show my favourites being Plusnet (because I find BB-8 a little smug) and Google UK’s mean looking little android.

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Jen Haughton

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