Social Media Savvy Businesses in Edinburgh


Sitting on the bus home from work recently, scrolling my Instagram feed as many of us do, I spotted the most delicious looking Millionare Shortcake from Grams Edinburgh - I think oh what’s that! Upon further research I find out this Millionare Shortcake is actually vegan, sugar free, gluten free and dairy free – can this be possible!?

More and more new businesses in Edinburgh are using the power of a strong social media presence to establish themselves. Meeting my friend for coffee recently she asked me ‘have you heard of the new place at Haymarket – Grams!?’ and it was also social media responsible for her knowledge of the great new healthy eatery nestled in the city’s West End.

It is becoming clear that a strategic social media strategy and great execution can be key to the success of new businesses in Edinburgh today.

I have decided to take a look at some of my favourite foodie spots in Edinburgh to show just how important social media is now becoming for businesses. Warning – may cause cake cravings!


Grams is something completely new to Edinburgh – something I think is a very welcomed addition!  Branding itself as ‘healthy fast food’, it specializes in dairy free, sugar free and gluten free products. It allows people to stick to a diet and also be able to meet friends for lunch – hooray! Eventually!

Grams haven’t just nailed the menu, they seem to have also nailed their social media activity and are a great case study. Posting regular, interesting and engaging content across all channels has allowed them to really shout about their presence in Edinburgh.

Some delicious chocolate rose petal cheesecake by Grams

One of the great things Grams did on social media recently was to run a ‘free cake competition’ for the Euros 2016. The competition encouraged fans to guess the score for a free slice of cake – simple and effective. This kind of activity is highly successful in engaging followers and building a loyal customer base. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be super complicated and lengthy to be successful and effective. Also, by using something current as the Euro’s this is a clever way to increase engagement and make your business seem relevant.

An example of one of Gram's Euros 2016 competition posts

I also tested out all of our case studies to see how responsive they were on social media. Social media is becoming more and more important for customer service, with audiences becoming far more reluctant to pick up the phone or send an email enquiry.  If a business fails to reply speedily to basic customer service enquiries this could be a huge mistake for them.  Grams however, did not disappoint – coming back in 13 minutes to answer our customer service enquiry.

Very impressive.


Hula Juice Bar

Hula Juice Bar, recently voted best café in Edinburgh have also nailed their social media activity. This is one of my favourite spots to go and work in Edinburgh, with friendly staff and a wide range of delicious and healthy products, not to mention reliable WIFI – it ticks all the boxes for me. They successfully use social media to promote their healthy and delicious products on sale, and boost the unique experience that Hula definitely is with it’s quirky atmosphere and design.

The menu offers a wide variety of healthy and tasty options for both breakfast and lunch. They use social media regularly to promote what is on offer at Hula. Their photos are bright, attractive and colourful and work really well on Instagram and Twitter.

Hula Acaibowl

Hula recently shut for a refurbishment that saw the café have a fresh facelift. They used social media to keep customers and fans updated with developments and reveal the new look. Social media is a great tool for brands to use to let customers in on the ‘behind the scenes’ activity and this can really bring a brand to life and bring a human touch. In this occasion, Hula customers were able to keep up to date with the renovation and know when it was ready to reopen.

A sneak peak at the new interior

Hula clearly have high engagement rates on social media, indicating a loyal and dedicated fan base – which is what any company can only hope for. It is important to spend time engaging with fans wherever possible – as this helps to build loyalty.

I also carried out my social media test on Hula…


Replying within four minutes – wow! This sort of activity on social media is hugely important in determining the success of a business. As more and more people turn to social media for basic customer service enquiries this level of response has now become expected, failing to recogonise this could be a big mistake for any business.


Lovecrumbs is the place to be in Edinburgh for anyone who loves cake and coffee! Specialising in the nothing but cake – they make sure they do it well! Playing host to a number of interesting sponge cakes such as blueberry and violet, courgette and buckwheat, chocolate and prune, coconut and pecan – it is a truly unique place. Lovecrumbs have not only nailed their cake making skills, they have also recognised the importance of reaching out to customers via social media and that is why they make another great case study.

Close up of a rose & raspberry cake - yum!

Photography this is essential for any kind of success on social media, and Lovecrumbs frequently post brilliant photos of their cakes. Good lighting and a quality camera are essential to a successful social media page, as attractive images, taken at the right angle are great for catching attention. Lovecrumbs have pretty high engagement rate on Instagram and that is probably due to the good quality striking images they are posting out. Low quality, badly lit photos, taken at a poor angle are all a recipe for disaster when trying to promote your product. If you are useless with a camera – it would be very worthwhile paying a skilled photographer to come in and get a bank of good images to use.

An example of the light hearted and friendly tone Lovecrumbs use on Twitter

Lovecrumbs also use a friendly, lighthearted and upbeat tone which is another ‘tick’ on the social media to do list. By keeping a friendly tone this matches the relaxed ambience of the café and leaves you feeling more enticed to visit. Tone is an extremely important factor to get right, as a friendly, upbeat tone may not be right for every business! If in doubt, check out your competitors and work out your tone from there.

So how did Lovecrumbs fare in my social media customer response test?


You guessed it – they also did pretty well! Replying in just over an hour Lovecrumbs were helpful and friendly.


Overall, all three of these businesses in Edinburgh are currently busy and successful, and this is down to, in some part, their successful social media presence. Social media is becoming the platform that everyone is turning to. From customer service, to news and updates, all businesses need to start taking the social media realm seriously. Regularly posting interesting content, running competitions, the correct tone of voice and attractive photography are only a few things essential to secure success on social media.

Take a look at your business's social media: do you have the basics right? Or are you in need of a helping hand? We offer everything from the basics to a complete social media strategy – so get in touch with the experts at Sunshine.