Sunshine's Year in Music : 2017 Wrapped

Blog Hero Spotify Wrapped 2017

Spotify consistently kills it with their brilliant out of home campaigns that use customer data to create pieces of content like the following...

Rounding off the year, they have outdone themselves with the 2017 Wrapped tool. The site feeds your own data back to you in a microsite dedicated to your year on Spotify.

The Sunshine team has some diverse musical tastes, from Joe the Ibiza DJ to William who is happiest with the Les Mis soundtrack pumping. Our Sonos playlist is always a mish-mash of styles from Kanye to Redbone and beyond. Here is a wrap up of what Sunshine has been listening to this year.

Us Ooh 1


Our mighty leader has listened to 7,363 minutes of music and in that time somehow managed to cover 358 genres (we didn't even know that many existed). Perhaps influenced by her rock and roller boyfriend she is the most eclectic listener by far.


Having recently transitioned from an iPod Nano, Chris comes in at 14,235 minutes in the last 3 months alone. Top artists include Marina & the Diamonds, drag queen Alaska Thunderf**k and an ever-changing setlist of Mexican folk instrumentals.


With 29,719 total minutes, Siobhan is close to our top office listener but has fallen victim to shared account problems. Her favourite artist is supposedly Kid Cudi who we all know doesn't come close her true love Kanye.


The old soul of the office. My most listened to genre being Folk Rock (which has an average listening age of 40), I'm a victim of my parent's musical tastes but with top artists being Hall & Oates and ELO is that such a bad thing?


36,409 minutes of show tunes...not really. Another mixture of styles with top artists like Mike Posner juxtaposed against Fleetwood Mac. William is an office chameleon and is pretty happy to go with the flow but if he's ever left alone you can guarantee Les Mis will be up loud.


Doesn't use Spotify. Our resident vegan, minimalist, Lithuanian doesn't do anything the way you would expect which is why we love her. However, from anecdotal evidence we know that she likes to listen to podcasts about any number of bizarre topics from Nepalese orphanages to Economics.


Our Ibiza DJ, uses Soundcloud instead! We don't have an accurate dataset for Joe but he assures us he has excellent taste in music and probably outstrips us all in minutes listened.

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