The Rise of the Wellness Holiday


Unwinding on a sun-lounger all day whilst sipping calorie-laden cocktails might once have seemed like the ideal getaway.

And whilst there’s still a place for this kind of break, gone are the days when people want to return from holiday feeling exhausted, full of alcohol and with a tighter waistband to boot.

So why the shift in thinking? I believe there are two main reasons:

  1. Brits are working harder than ever before – we’re always exhausted, stressed and need time to properly relax on holiday not party until 6am
  2. The trend of health and wellbeing is at a peak – it’s everywhere! In every blog, magazine, billboard, Instagram post and restaurant. Healthy is now cool.

Some call it a wellness revolution, others a right pain in the bum (Sunshine HQ are in the first category). Whatever you think of the current obsession with all things juicy, natural, healthy, one thing is certain – it’s definitely not going anywhere.

This trend, lends it particularly well with travel. According to a survey from Travelex, the number of Britons going on a fitness holiday has doubled in the past year with almost one in two looking into an activity break rather than the traditional ‘fly and flop’ vacation.

More and more, people are choosing to go on holidays that make them feel good about themselves and this explains the growing number of exciting wellness retreats appearing for the mass market. It’s no longer an exclusive thing for Kate Moss and her gang – yay!

We’ve decided to take a look at some wellness retreats that have caught our eye recently and explain why we think they are special.

The Body Camp: Ibiza

The Body Camp really is one of the most exciting retreats around at the moment! Not your traditional Ibiza clubbing holiday, The Body Camp takes a holistic approach combining weight loss and healthy eating to try and promote longer lasting changes.

This longer lasting impact of a wellness holiday compared to a regular holiday seems to be a factor in explaining the success. People are willing to invest more money into a luxury Wellness retreat that gives long term positive health effects, rather than the short lived usual holiday feeling before going back to work to forget it ever happened.

Body Camp3
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The Body Camp has had some celebrities to visit them which has helped enormously to drum up interest in the retreat. Recent guests include Ella Eyre, Caroline Flack, Rosie Fortescue and Millie MacKintosh – who all actively promote Wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

But one big thing that strikes us when looking at The Body Camp  - it also looks FUN! The Body Camp still manage to incorporate a bit of the party Ibiza atmosphere into its fun fitness regime that includes dancing and partying. By managing to keep the retreat fun and entertaining this helps to make people feel like they’re still on holiday and ensures they go away feeling like they have had a great time.

Body Camp Image2
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The Body Camp has completely redesigned what a holiday in Ibiza means to people and are commanding big attention. Using a healthy diet, exercise and relaxation methods, the Body Camp are leading the way in the wellness retreat movement.

Body and Mind Camp

Another wellness retreat that has caught our attention recently is the Body and Mind Camp in Sussex. The Body & Mind Camp’s unique feature is the fact that they do not just target the body like regular fitness boot camps that have been around for years, they focus on the mind too. A big aspect of weight loss and body confidence is to do with mentality and outlook, and the fact that Body and Mind Camp have recognised this and reacted to it makes them stand out from the crowd.

Body And Mind Camp 1
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Body and Mind Camp offer a unique opportunity to spend a week in the English countryside to focus on your own fitness and wellbeing. More and more people are living busy, fast-paced lifestyles in the city therefore there is a big attraction for this type of holiday now. European and further travel can be daunting for some people at the moment, so there is also a big appeal for staying in Britain for a holiday.

Body And Mind
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Helios Retreats – Mykonos

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If you are looking for a little slice of luxury in your life then Helios Retreat in Mykonos is what you’re looking for. Set in a modern, luxurious villa on the island of Mykonos in Greece, Helios offers complete relaxation and tranquility to every single guest.

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Helios market themselves as a luxury wellness experience that allows the individual time to recharge both the mind and body. Using scheduled day plans of massage, yoga, fitness and much more they provide a whole experience that is unlike anything you can find anywhere else. Complemented with luscious rooms this is the perfect resort for a really high end wellness retreat, that would leave you feeling completely rejuvenated and renewed.

For me, Helios really stood out because of the sense of tranquility it offers and a real chance to shut off from the world. The setting looks just magical and there is no doubt you'd come away from Helios feeling like the best version of yourself.

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Chiva-Som, Thailand

Just when we thought wellness retreats couldn’t get much more luxurious we discovered Chiva-Som in Hua-Hin, Thailand. It prides itself on being a truly International Health Resort set in one of the most stunning locations in the world. Chiva-Som offers its guests the chance to transform their lifestyle and achieve wellness in the longer-term outlook.

Chiva-Som offer a custom package to each and every guest that fits their own health and lifestyle requirements. There is no ‘one size fits all’ package at Chiva-Som! The staff at Chiva-Som spend time ensuring guests have all the information and tools in place to continue a healthier lifestyle after they leave the retreat, and it is this that is the truly defining feature of a wellness retreat. It is clear that increasingly people want more and more out of a holiday, and a wellness retreat such as Chiva-Som most definitely delivers this.

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It is difficult to foresee a time in the future where the wellness trend will be slowing down. The wellness trend has reshaped what people expect out of a holiday, no longer content with the short-term benefits they once were. There is now a desire for ‘more’ from a holiday - long lasting health and wellbeing benefits, that people are willing to pay for.

By reacting to this growing trend and interest wellness resorts have managed to capture a sizeable share of the tourism industry that looks set to increase.

So have I persuaded you yet? Ditch the party strip and sweaty dancefloors and head for some good feeling fun!