What does Facebook's new algorithm change mean for marketers?

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So, it won’t come as a surprise to many marketers out there that Facebook has been tinkering with its algorithms again! But what will these changes mean for businesses and brands using the site to publish content? Well quite a lot actually…

The changes

The new algorithm is said to be a far more positive development for users than companies and marketers. With a larger emphasis now being placed on friends and family posts first and content second, a user is far less likely to see published content than before.

A drop in the number of people sharing personal content has become increasingly worrying for the people at Facebook HQ recently. With some reports suggesting as much as a 20% drop in people sharing personal content on Facebook means that the social media giant may be losing it’s grip on it’s sizeable share in the market. The worry is that the Facebook has become a content platform instead of a social media platform. This means, that it will become increasingly difficult for publishers to get their content onto people’s timeline.

So what next?

The bid to try and stay relevant will see all types of content impacted. With Facebook making published content less of a priority it wouldn’t be surprising for marketers to shift more of their social media budget away from Facebook and onto other social media platforms. It could potentially be the beginning of a spike in paid Twitter ads for brands and company.

What about if you do chose to stay with Facebook and not jump ship?

The good news - for marketers who already get a lot of referral traffic such as likes, comments and shares, the impact will probably be felt less. If this sort of engagement is already high then it is likely that your Facebook page won’t be as badly affected.

The bad news - Facebook has already admitted that it expects a drop in reach for those publishers who depend heavily on an audience generated from content posted on their official Facebook page. As users who have subscribed to your page will now see less of this type of content and more of their friends and family’s posts this could have a very negative impact.

Marketers must now, more than ever, be producing high quality content that resonates well with their target audience if they want it to be seen. The key message coming out of this latest announcement is that low quality and shabby content will now not be good enough in this more cutthroat platform, where marketers no longer have priority.