The Perks of Working From Home

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‘I’m working from home today’ I said to my boyfriend this morning. It was cold and rainy as I looked out of my window, and you could see his eyes starting to role before I’d finished my sentence.

‘Aye right, he laughed, so you really mean you’re lying about in your pyjamas, watching This Morning and fiddling about on your laptop Jen’.

‘No no absolutely not, I have loads to do and I am really productive working from home’ I protested. ‘OK pal, I believe you, can you take my suit to the dry cleaners and call up British Gas then… I mean if you have time’, wink*

So Gav leaves for work, it’s 7am and I’m already up and sitting at my kitchen table with a coffee.

By 10am I’d done my forecasting, invoicing, written a new employee contract, ordered a new laptop and checked over a huge digital strategy that a team member had been working on.

By 12.30pm I’d added in some new business, a few client calls and had time to think about some new training for my team.

Lunch time comes, a nice healthy salad and water, none of those mental ‘grab what you can from Sainsbury’s’ jobs. A quick walk with my mum around Colinton Dell and I was back at the desk for 2pm raring to go.

I smashed out another 3 hours work out, super focussed, barely moving my eyes of the scream. No stopping me today!

Gav comes home at 5pm, I’m in a fantastic mood, we have dinner and yippee I don’t even have to work tonight as I’ve done it all.

It’s not like I’m not productive in the office, but as with any office there are lots of distractions. People working on different projects, working with the team, phones running, coffee to be made, chats about Kanye West and Donald Trump on Twitter to be had. The office is brilliant, but every few weeks, I like to take a day out at home and do all the really tricky bits that I just need some time to do alone.

The team all get the same privileges and 80% of the time, when I am working at home, they are too. Everyone loves it, everyone does exactly the same amount of work in the office if not more. Happy team = happy clients and that’s always my main focus.

Give it a go and introduce working from home into your team!

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Jenny Emslie

Founder & Managing Director