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Creating a community of parents to keep children safe

"Denatonium Benzoate" – the scientific name behind Bitrex and a mouthful in more ways than one! Put into household products in over 60 countries, Bitrex is the bitterest substance in the world.

The challenge? Whilst most consumers had come into contact with Bitrex certified products, many of them didn't recognise or understand the brand marker. Recognising this, their team worked with Sunshine on developing a new, parent-focused TOV and visual feel.

Six months later, we're proud to have achieved...

• 21.7% increase of total followers in 6 months
• 502.1% increase in monthly engagement (466 to 2,806)
• 35.5% increase in monthly reach
• Encouraged over 2,000 Bitrex Taste Test sign ups

"We are delighted with the progress Sunshine have made in the relatively short time we have been working with them. The stats speak for themselves – but we have also found Sunshine easy to work with; quick to respond and full of creative ideas and enthusiasm. Their standard of work is exceptionally high and we are looking forward to seeing our brand recognition grow further through Sunshine’s work."

Gina Mercier Bitrex Business Manager

60th Party & Brand Film

To commemorate their 60th Anniversary, we worked with the Bitrex team to organise a "Celebration of Safety". Taking place at The Yard in Edinburgh, it was a day for parents to learn about the benefits of Bitrex brands whilst their children played.

We also had took the opportunity to create a brand film, and supported the day by reaching out to Mummy Jojo – a successful 'mummy blogger'.

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Taste Test Face-Mats (Print)

The Bitrex Taste Test is a key part of community engagement. We upped the shareability factor of the test and made it accessible to fans of all ages. The creation of the face card takes the key sales information and turns it into an inherently shareable piece of collateral. Clever print work like this not only helps encourage user generated content but fosters further interaction with the brand on social.

Bitrex Face Mats