Border Biscuits

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Seasonal snaps that really take the biscuit

Beautifully crafted biscuits need beautifully taken photos. In November 2019, we were thrilled to worked with the team at Border Biscuits to develop a series of taste bud tingling snapshots for the year ahead.

The overall goal? To make them feel seasonal, shareable, and most of all, undeniably scrumptious. But it was more than just a camera and some biccies…

Border Biscuits Case 1

A photoshoot is like a recipe – you need all the ingredients to make something special. Involving the Border team from the get-go, we provided art direction and sourcing all props and backdrops. That’s just how this cookie crumbles.

Border Biscuits Case 3

Keeping costs light, we conducted the entire shoot over two days in our office studio, swapping out scenes and crockery like a well-oiled biscuit machine. And yes, we absolutely ate a few choice treats afterwards…

Border Biscuits Case 2
shareable content

A key part of our art direction was shareability – in other words, making them so inviting others would either share the photos or engage and share some real-life biscuits!

Border Gallery 1
Border Gallery 2
Border Gallery 3