Edinburgh Leisure

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Taking the 'Biggest Club in Town' and making them social

A household name this side of sunny Scotland, Edinburgh Leisure is the capital's largest provider of fitness and leisure. From gym and fitness to swimming, climbing, golf and more, thousands of loyal members are proud to wave the Edinburgh Leisure flag... but that same audience needed a place online to connect!

We saw this opportunity and directly approached their team, helping them combat the rise of no-frills gym operators and modernise their social offering – and within six months, used bold yet relatable content to foster a truly active community.

• 400,000 monthly reach across platforms
• Top-post gained 820 reactions & 345 shares
• 115% on-target for January membership
• Record-breaking online sales

"In a few short months, Sunshine have guided, nurtured, inspired and exceeded every expectation we had – their skills and knowledge are endless, creating engaging content supported by great creative and copywriting skills"

Caroline Pye Head of Marketing

Creative Advertising Solutions

Originally, the brief only included advertising spend on 'boosted' content. However, with the success of our content, we soon got to work on advertising campaigns, tailoring creative to niche audiences with cost-effective results.

£0.11 average cost-per-click
£0.003 lowest cost-per-click
422,000 average monthly reach

Edinburgh Leisure Advertising


From interactive canvas adverts to eye-catching ways to use carousel adverts, we ensured all advertising content was just as engaging as our ‘timeline’ content. The key? Crafting bespoke visuals for the platforms themselves.

A Focus on Video

Whilst video is a top-performer in the realms of social media, the reason we use so much video in our content is simple: we want to show real people and give truly authentic impressions of the brand.

Nurturing an 'Active' Community

Edinburgh Leisure Community Management

Creating a dialogue

It didn't take long for the new social strategy to take effect. Members are now sharing their success stories more than ever before. They know that they're talking to real people. After all, is it really 'social media' without being social?