Lifehouse Spa & Hotel

Hero Lifehouse Case Study

The power of SOCIAL for an award-winning luxury spa

For the last 3 years Sunshine has taken charge of Lifehouse Spa & Hotel's social channels using creative content, paid advertising and community management to fill rooms, increase bookings and raise the brand profile. Our key successes?

• Facebook followers skyrocketed from 8,000 to over 34,000
• Social-to-web traffic grown from 3% to 14% per month
• Generated 4,378 leads for email marketing at 0.27 CPC
• Created an Instagram presence with over 5,000 fans
• 95% response rate to messages

"Working with Sunshine is always a pleasure and they feel like a firm part of the Lifehouse team. They are always quick to respond, very proactive and genuinely care about always doing a brilliant job. They fully understand Lifehouse and, as such, the content they create is always on-brand and original, and we see a great response from our followers."

Steffi Dry Director of Marketing & Communications
Lifehouse Spa Hotel Advertising

£34,848 in sales from one ad 

A key success with Lifehouse is our advertising and the revenue it generates. Combining inviting content with highly-targeted audiences, we've achieved highs of 3,000 clicks per ad on cost-friendly budgets. The key? Constant monitoring of ad performance, editing or switching off to optimise spend.


When it comes to conveying the spa journey or full hotel experience, we believe it's best to appeal to the senses. That's why we supplemented our monthly content with beautiful brand videos, conveying what a 'day in the life' at Lifehouse is truly like!