The Drinks Bakery

Drinks Bakery Hero

Backed by dragons, brought to life on social

Fresh off the telly, the Drinks Bakery needed the perfect social pairing to continue their rise. Having earned a spot in Dragon’s Den history with a bidding war, the Drinks Bakery approached us to craft a brand awareness strategy their Drinks Biscuits.

With a gorgeous brand identity, tasty pairings and alcohol brands thirsty to partner with them, we soon got to work…

• 105% increase in monthly engagements
• 210.5% increase in total social followers
• 10% engagement on most popular posts
• 0.2p average cost per click on ads

Drinks Bakery Case 3

Step one in our recipe for success was to define a visual style for photography – a first for the brand. Next, we shaped a tone of voice that balanced aspiration with an earthy humour; the ideal reflection of their team on social.

Drinks Bakery Case 2

Going beyond showcasing the packaging, the content strategy focused on bringing relatable situations to life – matching pairings with audience interests. And yes, you guessed it, we advertised to those interests!

Drinks Bakery Case 1

Combining targeted advertising with an organic community management strategy, The Drinks Bakery quickly gained an enthusiastic audience. With high ROI on ads and engagement, the rest was biscuiteer history.

Drinks Bakery Gallery 1
Drinks Bakery Gallery 3
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